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What Others Say

I recently attended an Open House, where I met Re/Max agent, Brian Byrne. Brian was very helpful, and in fact, represented me as I purchased the home that very weekend. 

The next step was to list my condo, at which time I “jokingly” told Brian I would like to have it sold in a week. Not only did Brian meet that challenge, he had an excellent offer for me in 5 days! 

Brian’s service was outstanding – he coordinated many showings, ran an open house, and kept me informed every step of the way. He knew that I was a bit apprehensive about the possibility of owning 2 homes, and he made sure to check in with me to let me know that everything was on track. 

My home purchasing and selling experience was flawless with Brian, and I would not hesitate to recommend him. Thanks for a job well done, Brian!  

Doreen Thompson

February 26, 2010 



"Working with Brian as a real estate agent not only made my house hunting experience easier but actually enjoyable! He kept his eye open for houses which met my criteria and was always ready to view the houses with me and my girlfriend. During the bidding process, he always explained every situation thoroughly and never gave us any unreal expectations. After we had purchased a home, he assisted me with everything from a lawyer to a home inspector. I can definately say that, when I purchase a home in the future, I will contact Brian in an instant."

Shawn Fitzsimmons

July 12, 2010



When Brian asked me what I ideally wanted I sheepishly replied, “A duplex in Woodfield under $250,000 and as quickly as possible due to upcoming changes in mortgage regulations, and my employment status.” I half expected him to laugh and call me crazy. Brian, however, was realistic and at the same time optimistic and said, “It will be challenging, but not impossible.” A few days later we were viewing a duplex within my price range in Woodfield!!

It was a private sale and everything that could go wrong went wrong and then some; from an unpredictable and unconventional seller, to unexpected last minute difficulties with securing financing. Brian remained positive, optimistic and supportive each step of the way. At one point I was ready to give up due to yet another obstacle that presented itself. Brian asked me if I wanted the house. When I said very much, he smiled and said, “Then we’re going to go get it.” And he was true to his word!

Right from the start I knew I was in good hands with Brian Byrne as my agent. He talked me through all my options and explained the process very clearly and kept me informed every step of the way. He was professional, articulate and knowledgeable about the real estate market and income properties in general.  Brian was always patient and available for any questions or concerns I had.  In addition, he recommended a good lawyer and home inspector and even asked the home inspector crucial questions I didn’t think to ask. Brian also provided an empathetic ear, words of encouragement and unbiased advise throughout the whole process.

Whether it’s your first property or your sixth property, I would not hesitate to recommend Brian Byrne. I wouldn’t use any other Real Estate Agent!

Thank you for working endlessly at getting me exactly what I wanted Brian!

Ann V

February 2011 



Brian Byrne did a great job both selling and finding me a new home. He took time to explain each and every step along the way which helped to bring peace of mind to me as I was in a time crunch to find a home. It all worked out in the end, but without the help of a real estate agent, it would not have gone as smoothly. Brian is personable, dedicated, and very professional. He took time to include my kids in discussions, and during home viewings the entire way through and that meant alot to me.  The end result brought us to a family home we can make some fantastic memories in. I certainly would recommend him to anyone thinking of buying or selling a home.

Karen, Breanna, and Lauren Sabine



April 2012



Brian’s marketing strategy was very effective; He employed multiple modalities, including the Remax website, his own personal website (which included pictures, a virtual tour and a slide show with music), and also routinely updated listings on common online websites such as Kijiji. In turn, we had numerous showings, often with multiple showings per day.

He was available when we had questions, and was accessible through cell, email or texting, which I found refreshing. After approximately two weeks we found the right buyer. Although she attempted to “low-ball” us multiple times, Brian supported us through the negotiation process to finally bring the buyer up to close to our asking price, and the price that I had in mind before listing.  His demeanor was courteous and professional during our interactions, and he got us good results, which speak for themselves.



Dr. Mark Bryanton, April, 2015



Working with Brian was a great experience. His patience and dedication to finding me a home that fit my needs and I was comfortable with was incredibly reassuring. I didn't know what I was looking for, but through Brian's guidance I was able to properly assess my needs and budget and find a house I am very pleased with. His attention to detail when viewing different properties and highlighting the different. Brian was always available to answer any questions I had at any time and his help outside of house hunting was valuable as well. Brian was willing to help late in the day on New Year's Eve to close my deal and he was happy to do so. Thanks again Brian!


Mike Horlick

January 2016




As a first time home buyer, I was able to find the process of buying a house easy with the help of Brian. I am a unique individual and Brian was nonjudgmental and patient regarding my wants, needs and likes in a house. Brian is professional, approachable and he is dedicated to help with every need of his clients immediately and efficiently. Brian helped me narrow down all my house choices and he provided me with all the essential information and tools in order to find the perfect house for my needs and my budget. I will always be grateful to Brian for finding a great house for me and he is the only person I will recommend to my family and friends, I will always say Brian is not only an amazing fast runner but also an amazing real estate professional.

Lourdes Climaco

March 2016




My husband and I were more than pleased with the service we received from Brian. We had been looking for a year off and on and although we felt like we were indecisive, Brian gave us nothing but patience and professional service. He was quick to return calls and was easily available when we wanted to see a home. He looks out for what is best for you as a home buyer and pays attention to the details when looking at a home. When we finally did find a home that suited us, we had to make an offer later at night due to the pressures of multiple offers. Brian dropped his plans that evening to help make it happen for us. We are very appreciative of his hard work and patience he put forward during the year. We highly recommend him!




Mark and Debbie Tolfo





I’m a first time home buyer and I was a little worried about the whole process of purchasing a home.


Brian made it easy every step of the way. Brian didn’t hesitate to answer any of questions or concerns


no matter what time of the day. Brian found me exactly the house I wanted and even saved me some


money on the purchase price.


I will recommend Brian to all my friends and family.





April 2016




We recently sold our home and used Brian Byrne as our agent.  We were very pleased with the service provided.  He was always punctual, professional, patient and thoughtful.    He communicated the timing of all appointments with us in an appropriate fashion and thoroughly explained the buying and selling process along the way.  He made sure we understood all the various documents required.  He was always transparent and honest in all his dealings with us.  I would not hesitate to recommend Brian to anyone wanting to buy or sell a home.


Maryliz and Alan Quigley

August 2016




Meeta and I were extremely pleased with Brian's service and expertise for the recent sale of my condominium in London, Ontario. From the initial conversation on phone and meeting in person, everything was made clear and great advice was given in relation to all aspect of the sale such as pricing, when to put it on the market, changes needed and much more. Brian was amazingly efficient and proactive in helping things run smoothly behind the scenes for me, as well. I would recommend Brian without hesitation.


Rajeev Roy March 2017